I like how difficult it is.

I like how you can read stories of people who have been through it in the exact same way, and it’s still different.

I like the surfaces that hide and disguise everything, and never let up no matter how many ways you try to get around them.

I like how you can zoom in and zoom out and how when you zoom in everything is separate but when you zoom out what you thought was separate is whole but then separate from something else

I like that trees are just crystalized sunlight and that we don’t know what light is. I like that seeing trees is just seeing the sunlight they didn’t keep.

I like how it all lines up just long enough for you to know how wonderful it feels for it all to line up, and then it never lines up ever again.

Or at least you never know when it will.

I like how it folds in on itself all of a sudden so that you think you can touch the other half of it. That it gets you to think it feels the same everyday until all of a sudden it doesn’t, and then you’re not sure you were ever the same as anything, even yourself.

I like how you can never really get into it all the way, and I like how there is no escape.

And the things that you realize that prove once and for all that it all matters, don’t matter.

I like that in making sense of anything, we tear it apart.

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