The pictures came out dark
and it was
3 in the mrning
in the Japnese countryside
When the taxi came flying down the street
like it was a god damn gundam
and we’re there just Billie Jeanin’ it
on the sidewalk
totally not that drunk

out dark
Hungover in the bath in the after
noon my body was so totally swollen
in the dim tub–looked like spam
there was this annoying drip that came
from the laundry room
and I couldn’t stop saying
‘a stalactite is likely’

At the time studio aprtmnts went in New York
for outrageous prices
women in loud heals were praising their location
the veneer of the counter tops
At the time in Turkey
Tuk-tuks muscled their way to the airport
early with tourists
when they can be had for cheap

Because I’ll have to leave
I’ve been try

trying to cry.
My dog died,
or the view to the mountains
reminds me of friends and the people I’ll always leave
something corny that doesn’t work.
even with my clenched jaw
I can’t help but think: I’m not just human,
that I like sunsets because I can relate to them.

Thumbnail by Joey//CC BY 2.0

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