Radiohead – ‘You’ live at the Astoria

At the risk of sounding too much like Wayne and Garth, this is Radiohead’s best live performance of all time. It’s not exactly their best song, but it is just played perfectly. There is so much chemistry I want to use it to get a real job.

Thom’s hair is yellow and he’s emotional. Jonny’s guitar is an actual ax cutting me straight through the face. That other guitar guy looks like Seinfeld from the episode where he has to wear the puffy shirt on television. Yeah, he looks like a 90’s pirate, but his emotion and playing is so on point.

The other Greenwood (Robert Greenwood?) is there, laying down the all important tasty bass grooves. The drumming as usual is bald and beautiful.


I remember hearing that as a young band, Radiohead played a live show every single day for a whole year. I’m not sure the validity of that statement, but I want to believe it and this video lets me.

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