faluI ended up in a bar in Philadelphia last night. A friend of mine showed us upstairs where for 14 dollars we had the pleasure of watching Falu, an indo-American band gathered around the talents of the lead-singer Falu. I enjoyed nearly everything about their performance. The rhythm was delicious, the harmony was strong, and her voice was on point. The band is huge; on the sleeve of the CD there are music credits for some 18 different musicians. Last night there were about 7 on stage. Anyway, it was the perfect music to dance to and I would have made more of an ass out of myself if my leg wasn’t swollen.


After that a large brass band called Slavic Soul Party rocked the house.At first the sound check was a little shaky so their two trumpet players were a little too powerful, but as the night went on there was so much soul coming from that brass that I had to sit down because my leg was really swollen. Anyway, if you have a chance to see either of these acts or the time to check out their music online I highly recommend it. Both utilized really technical instrumentals to provide a very spiritual, dance-able, and lively show


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