Yamaguchi 255

It’s been almost 7 months since I returned from my year in Japan. If you’re reading this, chances are you are close to me and have heard me go on about the experience ad nauseum. All throughout this blog you can see remnants of my time there. Adjusting to life in Japan was difficult, but […]


My brother is the City Coordinator for Greenpeace New York, so he loves plants. We live together, so I’m surrounded by plants. When we first moved in, the sheer number of succulents along the window sill made getting some fresh air a delicate matter. I’ve accidentally knocked over dozens of them on separate occasions trying […]

sunset on mars

Called Credit Card

radiohead you

Radiohead – ‘You’ live at the Astoria At the risk of sounding too much like Wayne and Garth, this is Radiohead’s best live performance of all time. It’s not exactly their best song, but it is just played perfectly. There is so much chemistry I want to use it to get a real job. Thom’s […]


twin peaks

There’s just something about these two songs


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